VersaCheck Refills is a great way to create your own business checks, but there are certain things you really need to know that will make it an easy process. If you dont use the checks and their system correctly. It will cause you issues and could cost you money. Versacheck has inks, versacheck refills and versacheck software. It can be complex to setup and use but it is designed to help prevent check fraud with your protection.

The versacheck refills are available in several styles of checks. Make sure you pay attention or you get the wrong one

Here they are as follows:

Versacheck Refills
Versacheck Refills
  • Form #1000 Business Check – Check on top, and best for Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, MAS90® 100, MYOB, MY Checkbook, etc.
  • Form #1001 Business Check – Check in Middle, and best for Peachtree, DacEasy, Real World, and more.
  • Form #1002 Business Check – Check on Bottom, and is best for are compatible with most corporate and enterprise accounting & check printing solutions.
  • Form #3000 Business Checks – Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, VersaCheck, Simply Money, and more.
  • Form #3001 Personal Checks – Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Money, VersaCheck, Simply Money, and more.

You are able to get all of those in several styles.

  • Classic – Blue, Burgundy, Green and Tan Colors
  • Graduated – Blue, Burgundy, Green and Tan Colors
  • Prestige – Blue, Burgundy, Green and Tan Colors
  • Premium – Blue, Burgundy, Green and Tan Colors

Each box of contains 250 sheets of checks with a validation code for that quantity. You MUST use the versacheck software to print your checks on the versacheck refills. If you buy any other blank business checks to use with the versacheck software. IT WILL NOT WORK !!. You must even us MICR toner/MICR ink with your printer to use the software then print the checks. IF you dont do that. The bank or business may reject the check. There are very strict standards when using any types of checks. If it cant be read by the check reader, the merchant/bank could reject the check.

Its a great system to use if you want to create your own checks, but it can cost alot upfront to get started. If this may be too much to do. Best to just order the imprinted business checks you need. Keep in mind that versaceck is its own unique eco system.

For added security when using the versacheck refills. Make sure you sign your checks with a security pin that cant be erased or changed. Dont hand write the checks. Always use a laser printer so the ink will be infused to the check. Do what is right and you wont go wrong with the versacheck refills, versacheck software and other supplies.

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