Is your business prepared for a disaster?

Quickbooks Deposit Slips
Quickbooks Deposit Slips

Is your business prepared for a disaster? Keep your quickbooks deposit slips handy. While we here about the earthquakes all over the world, and other mother nature disasters, but do you have a plan in case your business goes through one? What would you do? What about your data, and employees being paid? Do you have a build your working out of, or do you work from home? It really don’t matter. Its very critical to have business insurance to protect your business.

If you had a fire, tornado, earthquake and etc, what would you do if your data wasn’t backed-up to a CD/DVD or off-site? Having multiple backups is a good idea, so nothing can be lost or compromised. Having business insurance to cover everything is a peace of mind as well. It don’t matter if your business is running out of a bedroom, or a brick mortar store. So….if you have all of that covered, and you have your business checking account, why not have a business savings account as well? You need to so you can have a business cushion. Finding cheap business checks is easy to do, and ordering blank Quickbook deposit slips are inexpensive as well. Always be prepared for the worst, in case something bad happens.

Keeping records is always hard, but to loose your business and your business data is devastation to your company. You may not even be able to get those documents, receipts back that you really need for accounting and tax purpose. Along with your back up, make copies of your most important papers and store your backup off site. Then when you can easily recover from a disaster.

Doing a quickbooks recovery is so easy and saves you so much time and work. Re-install your quickbooks. Download your data. Restore it and your up and running easily. Quickbooks Deposit slips are so easy to use and keeps your business organized.

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